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My name is Theresa Taylor

I help coaches make money online without sacrificing time with their families.

From the very beginning, I knew.

Leaving my teaching career of 10 years and building a business from home alongside my young children, I knew I needed to do things differently than what other coaches were doing online.

But I didn't know how.

Spending time endlessly posting on social; Constantly creating offers with no buyers; Living in self-doubt and overwhelm.... The hustle life was killing me and I was NOT spending time with my children that I chose to stay home with in the first place.

Like most entrepreneurs, I became obsessed with professional development, and I discovered a passion within me for creating productivity and marketing systems to use in my business.

And they worked!

In only 180 days after putting my plans into action, I made my first 5K month! I was floored.  I was finally making a great income, enjoying the process, and getting to spend the time with my family that I so deeply desired.

And now I get to help other women to do the same.

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Time does not equal money.

I constantly hear coaches saying they aren’t making money because they just don’t have enough time.

Listen, if I can make 5K months in less than 10 hours a week as a homeschooling momma of two… YOU CAN TOO.

You do have time.

It’s a matter of understanding what to do during the time you have.

And trust me when I say that what I’m talking about - building systems and processes - is a SKILL. It doesn’t come naturally.

It must be learned.

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It is THE thing that is standing between you and the profitable business you are fighting for.

It is the foundation to creating sales on autopilot.  No more guesswork or spinning your wheels.

When you invest in this part of your business now, you will never stop making money, and you will naturally find yourself acquiring more time for the things you love, like…

travel... date nights... pillow fights with the kids... road trips to the beach or mountains...

Giving abundantly.

But here’s the thing…. It won’t happen overnight.

In fact, many coaches come into the industry high on the shirttails of some big-wig they’ve been following, thinking they are going to make 100K in their first 6 months.

And when they don’t, they give up or spend the next few years overwhelmed and confused trying to figure out what went wrong. It doesn’t work like that.

I can teach you the right way.

And we will start with the foundational systems that will help you earn your first $2K. And then, we build and scale… creating you a strategic game plan to help you make consistent $5K months and beyond.

I know because I’ve done it.

Without any fancy tech, tools, or websites.

It’s time to cut the fluff.

I will help you with what you DO need to know.

No more struggling, sis.

Ready to get started?

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