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The ultimate business playbook for Christian Mompreneurs, just like you, to help design the life and business of your dreams, allowing you to scale quickly and reach your BIG 2023 revenue goals with ease.

(+ show up with confidence in your energy and authority, and gain massive clarity.)

This 12 week coaching experience is your key for a CEO game plan

for increased productivity and profit this year.

Tired of spinning your wheels and just want the stinking roadmap?

A roadmap that makes sense and covers every aspect of your business?

Things like...

  • ➡️  Your programs and offers

    ➡️  Your systems and processes

    ➡️  Your overall marketing message and plan 

    ...to bring you massive clarity and confidence, and to convey your authority to your audience making you THE ONE to help them in just the way they need in the way that only YOU can help. 

    The Business Playbook for the Productive & Profitable Mom is designed to give you the framework for increasing productivity and results by taking ownership of your systems, processes, and time so you can double and even triple your income…

    and fall back in LOVE with showing up for your business.

    The Business Playbook holds the foundation for creating the business and life of your dreams and the action plan to make this your biggest year yet.

    So you can stop living in the cycle of confusion and overwhelm, always trying to get caught up, and start TRULY living from a place of clarity and purpose to live a more proactive, impactful, and present life. In 12 short weeks, you will be working less hours, effortlessly creating more money, and spending more intentional time with your family.

    Using my Signature ASPire™️ Method we will...

    ▪️ Identify key areas of must-perform tasks, create a step-by-step framework for each, and streamline processes to create optimum flow and productivity.

    ▪️ Create a strategic offer suite and annual marketing cycle, and design a recurring income plan to create consistent 5K+ months. 

    ▪️ Develop a daily and weekly schedule that aligns with both your personal and business goals to help you effortlessly reach your monthly and yearly income goals. 

    ▪️ Supercharge results with monthly and quarterly goals breakdown and the daily actions needed to move the needle forward in your business so you know exactly what to do when so that you can streamline your efforts and make more money in less time. 

    ▪️ Build out your unique strategy and plan of action to MAXIMIZE your revenue this year without sacrificing time with your family. 

    ▪️ Calibrate to the core mindset, beliefs & energy that will propel you forward to help you crush your big business goals.

    The Business Playbook is the key to you increasing productivity and profit this year by creating a firm foundation and long term strategy for making this your best year yet.

    So.. what are you waiting for?

    Enroll now for low pricing and a complimentary 3-month membership into the Magnetic Sisterhood 5K Club.